I am a Developer  working on Microsoft Technologies for the past 7+years.  I am very much passionate about programming and my core skills are SharePoint 2013,2010,2007, ASP.NET & C#,REST API ,Jquery,Javascript. I am running this blog to share my experience & learning with the community. I believe that it is a give back to the community which helped me during my search for an important piece of code.

MVP award from MindCracker through c-sharpcorner.com for  2013 ,2014, 2015 and 2018:


I am an Article Author in the following sites:



Microsoft Certification:

1.MCPD SharePoint 2010, and MCSD HTML 5

2.MCTS .NET & SharePoint 2010

3.MCSE SharePoint 2013

Sagar Pardeshi

Sagar Pardeshi

  1. David Ferguson says:

    Great site! I have a question about the post for displaying date in a content editor. I followed it and it didn’t work. I’m using sharepoint 2010, any ideas? I am also using a newer version of jquery, 1.11.2. Thanks, Dave

  2. A Indrani says:

    Hi Sagar Pardeshi Sir,

    I have gone through the site, http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/crud-operation-on-list-items-using-rest-api-services-in-shar/.

    But my task is
    1) to automatic login to sharepoint online, using javascript &
    2) so that i can submit the HTML-form data as list items in sharepoint list, i.e, creating new list items.

    These 2 actions have to be done by just click on submit button.Please help me….

    Thanks in advance.

    • hello Indrani,

      your requirement automatic login to sharepoint using JavaScript for this u hard-code admin user name and password for automatic login.but this nt good way..u try to encode and decode password

  3. Guri says:

    Dear Sagar,

    Great site bro….I appreciate the work you doing and helping millions I believe.

    Can I ask you a question about cascading drop down list which you did advise in other portal. How can I create cascading drop down in SharePoint 2010?

    for example I have

    Regions – Top End Central

    Visit Location – Dundee, Belyuen

    I want when a user selects Top End Central (REGION) and it should only show the locations in that Region. How that is achievable to do?

    I appreciate your inputs.

  4. Mah says:

    How i can develop the Emp performance and appraisal system in Sharepoint 2016. What is the best practices need to follow.
    – Client Side App?
    – WebParts on Server Site?

  5. shruti says:

    Hi sagar, I am unable to show custom branding text. I have fallowed your code but its not working even error is also not coming.

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