Sharepoint2013: Only Display User Login Name as Notification Dialog Box on UploadEx.aspx

Posted: November 24, 2015 in SharePoint2013


In this article we will learn about Sharepoint2013 Only display User Login Name as Notification dialog box on UploadEx.aspx.


When we upload the existing document in the Document Library by unchecking the override existing file we get SharePoint OOTB exception saying ”A file with the same name already exists and it was last modified by i:o#.w|domain\username.”

In this case we have to trim the i:o#.w| which is SID or represents type of authentication used.

Refer below screenshot for clear understanding of requirement.

Figure 1: Requirement

Figure 2: After


Step 1: Open the sitecollection in browser. Go to SiteSetting -> MasterPage -> Check the selected Site Master Page and System Master Page.

Figure 3: Sitecollection

Step 2: Open the site in SharePoint Designer. Go to All Files -> _catalog -> masterpage.

Figure 4: Designer

Step 3: Open any one of the selected master page in step 1 in advance mode.

Step 4: Add below script before </head> tag. Check screenshot for reference.

  1. <SharePoint:ScriptLink ID=“ScriptLink_CustomUploadpage” name=“~sitecollection/Style Library/Scripts/CustomUploadScript.js” runat=“server” LoadAfterUI=“true” Localizable=“false”/>

Figure 5: Screenshot for reference

Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the other master page selected in step 1.

Step 6: Come to browser and open style library by going to site content -> style Library.

Step 7: Upload the CustomUploadScript.js file to script folder in style library.

Figure 6: Script


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