Updating a Custom App in SharePoint 2013

Posted: November 7, 2014 in SharePoint2013


In this article we will explore the major steps involved in updating a SharePoint app and its deployment after the modifications are done. Generally SharePoint app creation is simple but a problem arises when we try to modify or update it. This article highlights the major steps that can help to do that.

Major steps in updating an app

The following are the major steps involved in updating a SharePoint app after it has been published once and needs to be published again after the changes are made. Only the items marked with * are always required:

  • Update the app manifest after making the code changes.
  • Raise the Version number in the App element of the appmanifest.xml file. Do not change the ProductIDnumber.

    App element

  • Then rebuild the app solution and publish the app.


  • Override the created app site (App Catalogue in this case) with the newly created app.

    apps for sharepoint

  • Now go to your custom web application site and use the following procedure as captured in the screenshot:

    my app detail

  • Click on Trust it. It takes some time to update the current app and then you are done.
  • Click on the newer version of the app and get your changes reflected in the app.

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